Geographic Information Systems

CSTECH aims to develop Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by providing customers with our solutions and products. As CSTECH staff, we have developed a GIS COTS software product called CsGIS SDK, which is a high performance geospatial data visualization software development kit intended to be used in safety-critical, real-time and embedded systems. CSTECH takes pride in having developed a software that can run completely fine on low-profile hardware for high performance needs.

Safety Critical Software Development

CSTECH is specialized in safety critical software development with a solid software development framework so as to satisfy DO-178B certification requirements. Our software development framework handles software life cycle issues to minimize common mistakes and maximize reuse/automation in certification process. This solid framework is used for developing all our products and projects.

Military Simulations

CSTECH is well-experienced in military simulations projects, especially in Computer Generated Forces (CGF) applications used for military trainings and decision making processes. Also, our company has a distributed simulation software framework and scenario creation tools.

Mission Support Systems

CSTECH has got a great deal of experience in the field of mission support systems in military aviation domain such as flight planning for military air platforms, mission planning and control software for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), situational awareness systems and digital moving maps. CSTECH has developed some other mission support system products for these purposes.

Embedded & Real Time Systems

CSTECH has readily available frameworks specifically designed for real-time and embedded systems. With the help of these frameworks, operating system calls, real-time issues and hardware-specific codes are abstracted from the developers which can be regarded as a distinctive feature. Developers don’t need to deal with real-time issues and hardware specifications.

Software Test Automation

Software test automation is the key to increasing software quality. CSTECH has set up a continuous integration environment for projects and products and made the software testing process as automated as possible. CSTECH uses its own tools to automate the software verification activities in order to easily customize effective solutions for customer needs.