CsMovingMap is designed for use on low altitude flying platforms such as (helicopters) rotary wing vehicles.

It is safety critical system that helps pilots to improve their situtaional awareness in navigation and mission tasks by giving warnings such as obstacles.

For more information contact: info@cstech.com.tr

General Features

  • High Performance
  • Easy Configurable
  • %100 National
  • Plug-in Based Architecture
  • Analysis

  • Obstacle Warning system
  • Terrain Warning System
  • Visual and Aural Alerts
  • Sonar Analysis
  • Goal

  • Enhance situational awareness and aircrew mission effectiveness
  • In low visibility (foggy, darkness, etc.) conditions, increase safety of flight
  • Standartlar

  • DO-309, Minimum Operational Performance Standarts for Helicopter Terrain Awaraness and Warning System Airborne Equipment
  • IHO ECDIS Standard S-52, Specifications for Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS

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