Virtual Globe which can be used in real-time and embedded systems

SDK for rendering and analyzing that supports various types of file format.

Raster Data Rendering

  • Satellite Maps
  • Scale Maps
  • Color Ramp Maps
  • CIB Maps

Performance and Optimization

  • Level of Detail: Decreasing the complexity of 3D geometry as it moves away from the viewer
  • Frustum Culling: Disabling geometries that lie completely outside the viewing frustum
  • Caching: Processing on the nature of source data before rendering step

Visual Effects

  • Athmospheric Scattering
  • Particle Effects
  • Weather effects such as snow, rain, fog, etc.
  • Night vision effect

Vector Data Rendering

  • Point
  • Line
  • Polyline
  • Polygon
  • Model
  • Icon
  • Volumetric Line
  • Volumetric Polygons

Geospatial Analysis

  • Line of Sight: Point to Point, Eye or Radio
  • Terrain and Obstacle Collision
  • Height above Terrain with adjusting threshold altitudes
  • Vertical Cross Sections

Other Features

  • Split View windows
  • Plug-in based architecture
  • Cross platfom
  • Supports various rendering libraries: OpenGL v1.2, v2.0, v3.0, SC, DirectX9, GDI+

Camera Features

  • Free view
  • Track view
  • Chase view
  • Cockpit view
  • Vertical view


  • Measure tool
  • Free drawing tool
  • Feature editing tool


  • Over hundreds of samples with source code
  • Fully documented with doxygen in English and Turkish
  • Technical supports to all our customers regarding to use of product