CsTestPad is an automated testing and debugging tool for distributed, embedded and real-time applications. It sends and receives messages to/from any system. It automates the testing process by defining test scenarios and scripts. It supports many physical communication interfaces and protocols. With CsTestPad, you can communicate any system by defining protocol and message structures..

View, compare record, replay incoming and outgoing messages for system debugging. Create automatic and periodic responses with scripts and triggers for specified situations and create system stubs. Automate your test runs by writing scripts and schedule them to run periodically. Write your own plugins to customize the user interfaces, define new protocols and support new physical interfaces. Record real world cases by sniffing or proxying and replay the recordings in the lab to create real world test cases.

Open Architecture

  • Open SDK (Software Development Kit) and API (Application Programmer Interface)
  • Plug-in support. (Compiled code or as a script)
  • MS Windows, Linux/Unix, Wind River VxWorks OS support.

Scripting Capability

  • Easy to learn domain specific language and commands for testing (send, check, wait, repeat, miss, mark, kill, wait, etc.).
  • Converting captured messages to scripts
  • User defined messages in the code completion
  • Precise timing (milliseconds accuracy) commands
  • Random message generation
  • Triggers
  • Batch script running

Custom Messages Definition

  • Message structure as XML files
  • Message definition editor
  • Periodic message definition
  • Complex types (structures, unions, bit fields)
  • IDL and UML support

Supported Protocols and Interfaces

  • TCP/UDP, Broadcasting ve Multicasting
  • Serial Port(RS-232, RS-422, RS-485)
  • Avionic buses (MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429)
  • Disributed system standarts (DDS, HLA and DIS)
  • Datalinks (Link11, Link16, Lİnk 22, VMF, JREAP)
  • Formatted Messaging (AdatP-3, AdatP-33)
  • Captures console output as messages
  • User defined protocols and physical interface with developing new plug-ins

Documentation and Support

  • User and developer manuals
  • Sample test scenarios
  • Sample plug-ins with source codes
  • DO-178B tool qualification documents

Advanced Features

  • Stress testing
  • Regression testing
  • Traceability to requirements and test cases
  • Compare view
  • Message filtering in views

Record and Replay

  • Recording messages and console in/outputs
  • Replay recorded messages with any desired speed
  • Pause/resume, edited messages

Real-time Support

  • Soft real-time emulation on non real-time OS like MS Windows to avoid missing messages.
  • Real-time messaging on real-time OS.