About Us

CS-TECH is a software development company that aims to come up with safety critical, real-time and embedded system solutions.

Our mission is to give instant responses to the changing needs of customers. As CS-TECH carries out projects and products, intends to adjust and customize its software to the ever-growing requirements and conditions.

Software Development

In Defense Industry, we are able to successfully produce all kinds of real-time, embedded, safety critical software solutions

System Engineering Services

With the help of our experienced engineers who have been developing for many years, we are able to provide System Engineering Services in the fields of our own activity.

Employee Leasing Service

Apart from the Project Procedure and Licensing work types, we can also do business with the man leasing method. Thanks to our field experience, we can provide trained personnel..

Software Test Services

In addition to successfully performing top-level software development services, we are also experienced in software testing.

Engineering Consulting Services

We can provide mentoring services within the scope of our fields of activity, along with issues such as creating requirements and breaking them.